Commodities & Energy Trading and Risk Management System

Market sizes and increasing complexities make professional trading impossible without a Commodities & Energy Trading and Risk Management system (CTRM/ETRM). Today’s fast and continuous changes in technology, regulatory demands and demand for fast Time2Markets make a professional CTRM/ ETRM set-up even more indispensable.

A CTRM/ETRM is the dominant component within any functional trading landscape and therefore needs careful consideration and a thorough design of all processes and its architecture.

FORRS’ Functional Architecture for CTRM/ETRM provides a proven guidance for selecting, designing, implementing and migrating systems on-premise or in the cloud.

FORRS’ Experience spans a large number of projects, clients, markets, international environments and many years of project work. FORRS’ experts are experienced and trained to tackle and solve all challenges in your projects.

FORRS’ Expertise covers the full spectrum needed to implement the complete value chain: system selection, architectural design, functional design, implementation. Our expertise includes all commodity and energy markets, traded instruments and product specifications, plain vanilla and exotic derivatives, risk metrics, regulatory reporting.

CTRM/ETRM - Target Operating Model (TOM): High-Level Functional Architecture

FORRS’ Approach and Assetbox includes the utilization of accelerating assets to ensure the desired delivery quality. Accelerating assets are built over years and are based on a large project portfolio:

FORRS’ Infrastructural Capabilities include most recent developments of cloud architectures and utilization of distributed services.

FORRS' Assetbox

  • Questionnaire and scoring model for system selections.
  • Python libraries to support data preparation, validation, conversion, manipulation, reconciliation, verification, and testing during migration and integration phases.
  • White box and black box valuations to verify traded instruments and products.
  • Project management toolbox to deliver projects and results at the highest possible standard.
  • Test management toolbox to ensure the quality delivered, completeness of implementations and fit-forpurpose.
FORRS’ Technological Capabilities focus on modern approaches and most recent technological developments. Technology is a key success factor for any CTRM/ETRM project.
FORRS’ Commitment includes the ‘extra mile’ to deliver projects for the benefit of our clients.


FORRS is an internationally operating management consultancy, based in Germany. Our clients include banks, asset managers, insurances, energy- and commodity trading companies. FORRS’ expertise spans over the complete value chain of trading businesses. Problem Focused — Solution Driven. This is FORRS.

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