Next Level Trading Architecture

Grown Business Process Landscapes

Fixing an Excel VBA used in production environments, seconds before a deadline, is often part of the day-to-day business in grown business process landscapes. Manual efforts are required daily, as well as a complete understanding of the whole process chain. This can only be done by experts for such grown processes. Utilized data is spread over the complete process, sourced and used throughout the whole application set-up. Compliance, operational stability and availability of such processes is suffering, and business continuity is jeopardized. Hence, data validation is fully manual and relies on experienced staff, such as senior traders or end users.

Maintenance and Further Developments are Time-Consuming

High workloads and failures are caused by untested or unverified tools, code and processes. Testing procedures are not controlled. Mostly, testing is done in production environments. Test automation or repeatability does not exist, quality relies on individuals only.

Quality Declines and Risks Emerge

Corrections in daily operations cause higher workload than needed, this reduces the reliability of process execution. Thus, higher manual workload is required to handle quality gaps. An endless cycle of inefficiency begins. Operational risks materialize, simply caused by failure in manual operations, illness or holidays.

Logical Trading Architecture

Enabling Next Level Business Process Landscapes

Any successful transformation starts with a precise analysis, followed by a creative redesign. During redesign the focus lies on identifying generic functions and processes, that are leveraged over several business functions or processes. Expected outcome is a microservice architecture that enables the organization to increase the development speed and stabilizes operations significantly over time. FORRS is specialized in delivering such entire transformations, from analysis to creative design and implementation support of microservices. Deep understanding of energy trading business processes combined with all required technological knowledge enables FORRS to fully focus on the End2End solution. Modern technology is a key success factor for implementing transformations towards the next level trading architecture.

Implementation and Enabler

Significant cloud adoption delivers the framework to enable modern technologies and associated patterns such as process automation, message driven architectures, microservices, continuous integration, deployment, and automated testing. Manual efforts are reduced, automation significantly increases, and the stability of the framework and tools becomes the new standard. Containerization provides a lightweight, fast, and isolated infrastructure to run applications. FORRS does not only understands the utilization of individual aspects but moreover is specialized in implementing Front2End solutions.

Exploiting new Opportunities

New trading architectures trigger new business opportunities, Time2Market is reduced to implement business cases, new algorithms can be deployed, and the economies of scale become effective for the benefit of business and IT departments.


FORRS is an internationally operating management consultancy, based in Germany. Our clients include banks, asset managers, insurances, energy- and commodity trading companies. FORRS’ expertise spans over the complete value chain of trading businesses. Problem Focused — Solution Driven. This is FORRS.

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