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  1. 7. April 2022 9:25
    Wie kann ein modernes Energiehandelsunternehmen leistungsstarke, flexible und skalierbare Anwendungen und Dienstleistungen für interne und externe Kunden anbieten und gleichzeitig den Aufwand für zukünftige Updates und technologische Weiterentwicklungen reduzieren?
  2. 23. March 2022 9:59
    Die Abwägung zwischen der Einführung von Lot Accounting für das neue Wertminderungsmodell unter IFRS 9, oder der Beibehaltung einer Durchschnittsmethode bei der Berechnung des realisierten GuV ist nicht einfach. Die folgenden Überlegungen zeigen mit welchen Implikationen bei der Umsetzung zu rechnen ist. 
  3. 14. March 2022 8:07
    As of 2022 most LIBORs are not being published anymore. This holds for EUR-, GBP-, CHF- and JPY-LIBORs as well as the 1-week- and the 2-month-USD-LIBORs. Remaining USD LIBOR tenors will retire by June 2023.  Lots of contracts are now linked to so called risk-free rates which still suffer from disadvantages in comparison to their predecessors. In order to solve multiple requests for a credit-sensitive rate with term structures some new reference rates have been created. One of these new rates is the Bloomberg Short-Term Bank Yield Index summarized in the fact sheet below. Find out why Covid plays a crucial role in the world of LIBOR successors.
  4. 28. February 2022 9:18
    We welcome Gestore dei Mercati Energetici (GME) as our next guest of our series on European Power Spot exchanges. GME manages the Italian Power Exchange which is Europe's third-largest Power Exchange in terms of annual Day-ahead volumes. GME's intraday market uses a unique model with multiple intraday auctions instead of a continuous intraday trading model. Check out volumes, trading hours, tradeable products and more in our GME-Factsheet.
  5. 21. February 2022 8:00
    The next episode of the European Power Spot series highlights the EXAA Energy Exchange Austria The Vienna based exchange covers the Austrian and German trading areas and brings besides the early 10.15 auction some unique features to the short-term power trading world.
  6. 7. February 2022 8:00
    Check out part 2 of our series on European Power Spot exchanges. This time we are presenting EPEX SPOT The pan-European exchange based in France is probably one of the most important and central exchanges for short term power trading in Europe. With over 500 TWh of traded Day-Ahead volumes it covers a huge share of the European power consumption.
  7. 21. January 2022 0:00
    What happened in the last few months in power markets across Europe? With the conclusion of the third quarter of 2021, we have taken a close look at changes in European electricity markets and the consequences for energy traders. Check out our Quarterly Update Factsheet to see if your business is affected.
  8. 12. January 2022 14:24
    The coastal power plant in Kiel with its 192 MW of flexible generation capacity is the most modern in all of Europe, being able to up and downregulate its generation within minutes. Marketing this flexibility in an efficient and profitable way was a major challenge for its operators and poses high requirements on trading systems, available data, and processes.
  9. 11. January 2022 18:47
    Insider’s Guide to Energy (IGTE) podcast brings you the ETRM Mini-Series as a resource for all those interested in the latest developments and trends around Energy Trade and Risk Management (ETRM) systems.
  10. 1. December 2021 9:26
    Last week, the German Parties SPD, Grüne and FDP have reached a consensus and presented their coalition agreement for the legislative period from 2021 to 2025 to the public. We have a close look at the agreement with a special focus on the targets and implications for the energy sector, and compared them with the current status of 2020.
  11. 25. November 2021 9:18
    In this post, we start by lining out, what the future of mFRR in Germany looks like. Keep in mind, that the launch of MARI is postponed to July 2022.
  12. 16. November 2021 11:16
    For corporations that are willing to put in the work for our planet and provide transparency on their climate change mitigating or adapting projects, the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) offers a certificate as a stamp of approval as well as unambiguous guidelines on how to attain it. Make sure to read our last article of this series to find out what types of bonds the CBI offers and what exactly distinguishes the ICMA from the CBI framework.
  13. 2. November 2021 14:27
    When we think about ESG bonds, the first thing that will most likely come to people’s minds is the question, what ESG related projects are funded by the bond’s proceeds? In our last article, this is exactly what we were looking at, ICMA’s Green and social bond principles.
  14. 20. October 2021 14:07
    Das Thema rund um IFRS 9 steht schon lange auf der Agenda, aber jetzt beginnt die heiße Phase. Spätestens in drei Monaten startet voraussichtlich für alle Versicherungsgesellschaften die Parallelphase mit IAS 39 Abschluss und IFRS 9 Probeabschluss. In unserem Artikel haben wir die zentralen Themen rund um Lot Accounting unter IFRS 9 aufbereitet.
  15. 19. October 2021 8:05
    It is easy to shrug off green and social investments as greenwashing and a marketing tool, but might there be true substance behind all this?
  16. 5. October 2021 18:57
    "The European Commission, ECB Banking Supervision, EBA and ESMA encourage market participants to cease all LIBOR settings" - The die has been cast ...
  17. 24. September 2021 16:49
    Get to see our selection of power spot exchanges all across Europe: Nord Pool, EPEX, EXAA, GME, OMIE, HUPX, HEnEX, Soutpool, CROPEX
  18. 19. August 2021 8:25
    The European platform Manually Activated Reserves Initiative, or short MARI aims at the harmonization of manual frequency restoration reserves activations. Learn about the framework, the process and the roadmap of the MARI platform in our Factsheet.
  19. 10. August 2021 10:55
    The European target model for cross-border electricity balancing aims at harmonizing all balancing processes. This time, we present the third platform, enabling the optimization of automatic frequency restoration reserves (aFRR) activations. It is called Platform for the International Coordination of Automated Frequency Restoration and Stable System Operation, or short PICASSO. Learn about the framework, the process and the roadmap of the PICASSO platform in our Factsheet.

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