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  1. 15. June 2021 9:40
    Intraday power traders: is your performance where you want it to be? Or is there room for improvement? What if you could react faster, step back from the basics like position closing and put your energy into advanced strategies to enhance your bottom line?
  2. 3. May 2021 11:01
    We took a closer look at these pillars and draw a comparison to the energy markets regulation REMIT (Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency).
  3. 27. April 2021 11:12
    After having successfully navigated through the ESG Rating Jungle in our 1st Post and analysed the performance of ESG investments in our 2nd Post we continue our journey in today's 3rd Post where we take a closer look on how Asset Managers can successfully incorporate ESG factors in their investment strategies.
  4. 15. April 2021 9:51
    Croatian Power Exchange Ltd. (CROPEX), the Croatian Nemo and energy exchange is another important part of the diverse and integrated trading landscape on the European map.
  5. 18. February 2021 10:19
    The next guest in our European Power Spot Exchange Series is OMI - Polo Español (OMIE), the NEMO for the Iberian Peninsula. The exchange covering Spain and Portugal as well as interconnection to Morocco and Andorra have already 2018 been part of the first go-live wave of European Single Intraday Coupling.
  6. 16. February 2021 8:59
    In 2020 ESG compliant investing has become one of the predominant themes for private and institutional investors alike, today there isn't an asset management firm or investment fund that doesn't have in one form or another an ESG offering. But besides the moral and ethical factors one question remains on every investors mind: how are sustainable investments performing? In our 2nd ESG post we ask (and try to answer) the million dollar question: Can sustainability drive financial and stock market outperformance? In our 2nd ESG post we ask (and try to answer) the million dollar question: Can sustainability drive financial and stock market outperformance?
  7. 11. February 2021 10:18
    We welcome Gestore dei Mercati Energetici (GME) as our next guest of our series on European Power Spot exchanges. GME manages the Italian Power Exchange which is Europe's third-largest Power Exchange in terms of annual Day-ahead volumes. GME's intraday market uses a unique model with multiple intraday auctions instead of a continuous intraday trading model. Check out volumes, trading hours, tradeable products and more in our GME-Factsheet.
  8. 8. February 2021 9:47
    Sustainability is the new norm, but how do you really measure it? There has been a lot of talk about sustainable investments, but how do you choose the right ones? The ESG rating market has truly become a “Jungle” with approximately 120 firms providing over 600 ESG ratings and 4000 associated ESG KPIs! One would think that the sheer amount of coverage and collected data would lead to an efficient and consensual ESG rating market similar to the credit ratings market. Unfortunately, this not the case. If you want to find out why, get into the Jungle!
  9. 4. February 2021 10:16
    The next episode of the European Power Spot series highlights the EXAA Energy Exchange Austria The Vienna based exchange covers the Austrian and German trading areas and brings besides the early 10.15 auction some unique features to the short-term power trading world.

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