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  1. 18. February 2021 10:19
    The next guest in our European Power Spot Exchange Series is OMI - Polo Español (OMIE), the NEMO for the Iberian Peninsula. The exchange covering Spain and Portugal as well as interconnection to Morocco and Andorra have already 2018 been part of the first go-live wave of European Single Intraday Coupling.
  2. 16. February 2021 8:59
    In 2020 ESG compliant investing has become one of the predominant themes for private and institutional investors alike, today there isn't an asset management firm or investment fund that doesn't have in one form or another an ESG offering. But besides the moral and ethical factors one question remains on every investors mind: how are sustainable investments performing? In our 2nd ESG post we ask (and try to answer) the million dollar question: Can sustainability drive financial and stock market outperformance? In our 2nd ESG post we ask (and try to answer) the million dollar question: Can sustainability drive financial and stock market outperformance?
  3. 11. February 2021 10:18
    We welcome Gestore dei Mercati Energetici (GME) as our next guest of our series on European Power Spot exchanges. GME manages the Italian Power Exchange which is Europe's third-largest Power Exchange in terms of annual Day-ahead volumes. GME's intraday market uses a unique model with multiple intraday auctions instead of a continuous intraday trading model. Check out volumes, trading hours, tradeable products and more in our GME-Factsheet.
  4. 8. February 2021 9:47
    Sustainability is the new norm, but how do you really measure it? There has been a lot of talk about sustainable investments, but how do you choose the right ones? The ESG rating market has truly become a “Jungle” with approximately 120 firms providing over 600 ESG ratings and 4000 associated ESG KPIs! One would think that the sheer amount of coverage and collected data would lead to an efficient and consensual ESG rating market similar to the credit ratings market. Unfortunately, this not the case. If you want to find out why, get into the Jungle!
  5. 4. February 2021 10:16
    The next episode of the European Power Spot series highlights the EXAA Energy Exchange Austria The Vienna based exchange covers the Austrian and German trading areas and brings besides the early 10.15 auction some unique features to the short-term power trading world.
  6. 3. February 2021 8:42
    Both mounting competition from ETFs and heightened regulatory scrutiny due to MiFID II have put extraordinary pressure on asset management firms to re-examine the execution quality of their trades and size of commission payments. Post 2 of our ongoing series on market liquidity focuses on the resiliency dimension of liquidity, introduces several market events that typically stress resiliency and explains how asset managers can analyse these events to improve their trade execution. We will be relying, once again, on the powerful out of the box data and analytics solutions from big xyt to provide our insights.
  7. 28. January 2021 10:13
    Check out part 2 of our series on European Power Spot exchanges. This time we are presenting EPEX SPOT The pan-European exchange based in France is probably one of the most important and central exchanges for short term power trading in Europe. With over 500 TWh of traded Day-Ahead volumes it covers a huge share of the European power consumption.
  8. 21. January 2021 13:14
    In the following weeks we will present you a series of European power exchanges with their market design, contracts and specialties. Our first guest is Nord Pool AS, the exchange for most of the Nordic and Baltic energy consumption and continuous power trading.
  9. 17. December 2020 9:29
    Understanding Market Liquidity PDF Version Get to Part 2: Machine Room Whispers Financial markets are becoming increasingly liquid at first glance but more fickle and fragmented when examined more closely. Now more than ever, it is thus critical to understand an asset’s market liquidity in order to pick the right trading venue, find willing counterparties […]
  10. 15. December 2020 9:16
    Can climate change be fought through smart financing? The goal of Net Zero Emissions by 2050 requires massive investment: and Green RWA is convinced that banks have a vital role to play. In their view, economic and environmental goals are not opposed, but rather can work hand in hand. What’s missing today is a model […]
  11. 8. December 2020 9:04
    The weather data expert Meteomatics and the consulting firm FORRS are strengthening their cooperation agreement to help organizations in the financial investment, energy trading and commodities industries to improve informed decision making in weather- and climate-related matters. Meteomatics provides customers with a real-time data feed and unified access via easy-to-integrate APIs to a unique platform […]
  12. 23. October 2020 10:30
    An Update on the IBOR Transition Compass 1. FORRS Recap After multiple fraudulent actions affecting LIBOR, one of the most important benchmarks in the financial world will vanish. With precise dates and circumstances still unknown, there will be an enormous impact on trading, valuation, risk, and other activities reaching from front to back office. It […]
  13. 22. September 2020 8:26
    Before the end of the year 1999, people using IT systems across industries feared that systems would take serious damage from the so-called Y2K effect (many applications stored dates with only two digits representing the year and it could happen that “1.1.00” was interpreted by the system as Jan 1st, 1900 instead of Jan 1st, […]
  14. 21. June 2020 12:07
    Die Börsenpreiskopplung und was sich verändert Am 11.05.2020 wurde ein Vorschlag der regelzonenverantwortlichen deutschen Übertragungsnetzbetreiber zur Anpassung des reBAP genehmigt. Mit dem 01.07.2020 trat diese aktualisierte Regelung in Kraft. Sie beinhaltet die Anpassung der sogenannten Börsenpreiskopplung, einer von fünf Berechnungsschritten zur Ermittlung des Ausgleichsenergiepreises. Allgemeine Motivation der Börsenpreiskopplung Das Ziel der Börsenpreiskopplung besteht darin, in […]
  15. 10. June 2020 13:16
    Details der Reform und Ausblick auf die Entwicklungen des europäischen Regelenergiemarktes 1. Einführung des deutschen Regelarbeitsmarktes FCR – Frequency Containment Reserves / PRL – Primärregelleistung aFRR – automatic Frequency Restoration Reserves / SRL – Sekundärregelleistung mFRR – manual Frequency Restoration Reserves / MRL – Minutenregelleistung Am 23.11.2017 gab die Europäische Kommission mit der Verordnung 2017/2195 […]
  16. 7. April 2020 13:20
    IBOR Transition Compass 1. How will the LIBOR Endgame play out? In January the UK Working Group on Risk-Free Reference Rates (RFR) declared the cessation of GBP LIBOR-based cash products by end of Q3 2020 their top priority. Therefore, when it comes to predicting the future of LIBOR after 2021 only two options are viable. […]
  17. 10. March 2020 13:17
    Was dahinter steckt und wie der Preis für Ausgleichsenergie berechnet wird Im Rahmen der Weiterentwicklung des Ausgleichsenergiesystems haben sich die deutschen Übertragungsnetzbetreiber zum 01.02.2020 auf ein verändertes Berechnungsmodell zur reBAP-Bestimmung geeinigt. Das Bilanzkreis- und Ausgleichsenergiesystem ist ein zentrales Instrument zur Synchronisierung von Strommärkten.Lernen Sie in unserem Beitrag mehr darüber, was der reBAP ist, wie der […]

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