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Intraday Power – Algo

A roadmap towards automation

Intraday power traders: is your performance where you want it to be? Or is there room for improvement?

What if you could react faster, step back from the basics like position closing and put your energy into advanced strategies to enhance your bottom line?

Part 1 – Manage your data – fast but consistently

Intraday power traders, do you want to boost your results? In this series of posts we’ll examine paramount aspects of the current digital transformation of the energy trading sector. Not surprisingly, it all starts with DATA and managing it effectively.

Chances are, you’re already swimming in data. The problem is managing it – consistently and fully, but also faster than what you could do manually. Once more, automation is the solution. Intraday traders take away:

  • Consistent and up to date data enables you to generate the most accurate orders at any time, which is paramount for any professional trading desk
  • Data is your main asset, so manage ALL of your data in a professional application so it becomes easily accessible and usable
  • Get rid of pirate Excel sheets with their ever-increasing complexity – the involved risks are not worth it

How competitive is your trading data management – and how could it be made better?

Part 2 – Execution is king!

Do you think your intraday power trading could do better? In part two of our series on the digital transformation of energy trading, we’ll learn why EXECUTION is king.

Purely manual execution will someday be a thing of the past. The market has simply become too fast, too volatile and too fine-grained for human traders to handle it on their own.

When you buy or build a professional execution tool to place your orders reliably

  • losses due to execution errors or poor execution timing will go down
  • your execution timing will speed up, allowing you to capture the best prices

Automating your execution allows you to

  • ensure optimal position closing 24/7 without being glued to a screen
  • exploit your asset’s flexibilities in an optimized and constant manner
  • ease your team and time to develop new trading ideas and strategies instead of manually hunting errors on a daily basis

How mature is your trading execution – and how could it be better?

Part 3 – Constantly monitor your trading results!

Are you satisfied with your intraday power trading results? In part three of our series on the digital transformation of energy trading, we’ll take a look at your CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.

Execution is not the complete story! Trading success is achieved by monitoring, validating and updating your environment constantly.

  • Dashboards with P&L and execution KPIs are mandatory for any automatic trading algo or your manual execution
  • Efficient backtesting of newly developed trading strategies is essential: inaccuracies in new strategies can create unexpected losses
  • Professional trading tools will support you reliably to ensure that your exchange interfaces and strategies get updated in time

How mature is the continuous trade monitoring of your execution – and how could it be better? Check out our maturity model or contact us to learn which level of automated trading fits you most.

Part 4 – Speed up your algo development!

Do you want your intraday power trading to beat the market? The last element of our series on the digital transformation of energy trading, will examine ALGORITHM DEVELOPMENT.

Markets are changing and opportunities are moving within markets. Growth of renewables, sector coupling, new business models, new regulations… who can say what strategies will be successful in a month, a year, in two years? To succeed you need to be able to quickly develop and deploy new algos, update existing ones and decommissioning former algorithms.

  • Stay ahead of the game by creating an architecture in which the development of new strategies becomes the rule, rather than an action of spare time
  • Ensure seamless integration of all of your tools – such as data management, execution and monitoring by using a professional execution management system and a well-designed architecture

How mature is your algo development – and how could it be better?

An integrated Robo landscape!

Gluing together all the pieces into one architecture is another challenge in itself! Here is your masterplan to an integrated Robo landscape in one picture!

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