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  1. 3. August 2021 10:31
    Check out the newest part of our series on Balancing Energy in Europe. We present you the second platform Trans European Replacement Reserves Exchange (TERRE). TERRE enables the exchange and optimized activation of a standard product for Replacement Reserves (or the ‘tertiary’ product for reserve power) across Europe and has considerable implications for all market participants. Learn about the framework, the process and the current development of the TERRE platform in our Factsheet.
  2. 26. July 2021 13:38
    Check out part 2 of our series on Balancing Energy in Europe, where we present our first platform, called International Grid Control, or short IGCC. As the newly established platform for Imbalance Netting in the EU, IGCC serves the purpose of avoiding the activation of counteractive aFRR and saving balancing costs. Learn about the framework, the process and the current development of the IGCC platform in our Factsheet.
  3. 20. July 2021 16:10
    OTC trading platforms for power and gas constitute a fundamental piece in the European energy trading by allowing traders to react on market flexibilities on short notice via multiple channels. enmacc is one of Europe’s fastest growing digital OTC trading platforms.
  4. 15. July 2021 11:50
    This series introduces some basic facts about balancing energy and presents an overview of the European Guideline on Electricity Balancing. In some upcoming posts, light will be shed on all four European platforms for harmonizing Electricity Balancing and afterwards the changes and consequences for selected countries will be presented.
  5. 12. July 2021 15:00
    Intraday power traders: is your performance where you want it to be? Or is there room for improvement? What if you could react faster, step back from the basics like position closing and put your energy into advanced strategies to enhance your bottom line?
  6. 9. July 2021 15:58
    In our post concluding this series, we analysed existing and planned technical infrastructure. A special focus was set on the comparison of dry gas and LNG delivery to Western Europe.
  7. 29. June 2021 10:03
    The EU Taxonomy hopes to cut through the cacophonous discussion surrounding the question "What is a green investment?" and create standards for the entire financial industry. But getting an investment classified as taxonomy-eligible is not a straight-forward task, and poses a unique set of challenges for invesment managers.
  8. 28. June 2021 17:14
    We conclude this series on gas imports to Western Europe with two posts and a focus on past and future developments. In our post focussing on past developments, we shed a light on pipeline and LNG imports from 2018 – 2020.
  9. 22. June 2021 18:49
    Get to see our selection of power spot exchanges all across Europe: Nord Pool, EPEX, EXAA, GME, OMIE, HUPX, HEnEX, Soutpool, CROPEX
  10. 3. May 2021 11:01
    We took a closer look at these pillars and draw a comparison to the energy markets regulation REMIT (Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency).
  11. 27. April 2021 11:12
    After having successfully navigated through the ESG Rating Jungle in our 1st Post and analysed the performance of ESG investments in our 2nd Post we continue our journey in today's 3rd Post where we take a closer look on how Asset Managers can successfully incorporate ESG factors in their investment strategies.
  12. 15. April 2021 9:51
    Croatian Power Exchange Ltd. (CROPEX), the Croatian Nemo and energy exchange is another important part of the diverse and integrated trading landscape on the European map.

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