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FORRS is a leading international Strategy & Management Consultancy with focus on the entire Trading Value Chain.

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New Frontiers in Energy Trading Architectures
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OurAdvisory Focus


Connecting markets and their players is the goal FORRS works towards every day.

To this end, we provide our customers with in-depth knowledge and best-in-class solutions that enable them to participate efficiently and profitably in markets in times of highly dynamic change.

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With deep expertise and years of successful projects, FORRS accompanies its clients along the entire Trading Value Chain.

TheConsulting Service

Results. This is the sole focus of our work at FORRS: providing difference-making expertise and experience that enable the success of our clients’ mission-critical projects.

Understanding a client’s problem at the deepest levels is only the beginning of building successful solutions. We also consider the consequences and implications of all possible answers. Proposing a solution that is too small or too big is almost invariably worse than not solving the problem at all. Thus, we strive always to find exactly the right fit.

For this reason, FORRS consultants incorporate the widest spectrum of expertise and experience – including the flexibility to work and deliver results in complex environments. Analyzing problems, understanding consequences, forecasting implications before proposing solutions … all of these skills require passion, patience, and, not least, the ability to see things from different viewpoints.

Problem-focused and solution-driven. This is the difference maker. This is FORRS.



Problem-Focused – Solution-Driven

Proven Methodology

Strong track record of balancing academic concepts and practicability, while tackling quantitative and technological challenges.


Knowledgeable Staff

We constantly invest in the skills and competencies of our people, resulting in a highly focused, well-educated, and trained team.


Deep Industry Experience

We have years of multiple successful projects and long-lasting client relationships.


FORRS Assets & Solutions

Our clients benefit by leveraging our prepared consulting services and cloud solutions.


Strong Focus On Technology & Digitization

We rethink business in new terms — digital and technological.



We believe in full transparency in all of our business arrangements, as evidenced by our long-term client base and business partnerships.


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