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European Power Spot Exchanges (Part 9)

Update 02.05.2022

In todays recap we focus on the Croatian Power Exchange @Cropex. Next to offering participation in a day-ahead and an intraday market it is hosting auctions for Guarantees of Origin. Here is a short recap of what Cropex has achieved in 2021:

📉 With a volume of approximately 6 TWh the day-ahead market volume decreased slightly by 1.8% in comparison to 2020.

📈 The intrady market volume grew substantially by 31.4% to 0.5 TWh in 2021.

🌱 In 2021 Cropex has organised 27 GOO auctions where 2 million GOOs were sold. This corresponds to 2 TWh of generation.

Looking ahead to 2022, there is also the next milestone approaching fast: On June 8th is the go-live for the Core Flow-Based Market Coupling project, enabling also a market coupling between Croatia and Hungary.

Take a closer look at our factsheet for more details!

Be sure to stay tuned for the next factsheet of our European Power Exchange series next week!


Croatian Power Exchange Ltd. (CROPEX), the Croatian Nemo and energy exchange is another important part of the diverse and integrated trading landscape on the European map.
CROPEX has already coupled its borders to Slovenia via Single Day-Ahead Coupling and Slovenia and Hungary in the Intraday Coupling (SIDC) and is, therefore, able to participate in the whole of the integrated European Intraday market.

Beyond its growing volumes in the spot market, CROPEX aims to position itself in the energy derivatives market. In order to further develop the Central and South-Eastern European power markets, the exchange has signed an agreement, already back in February 2021, with the European Energy Exchange AG to introduce a Power Derivate for the Croatian market in 2022.


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