17.04.2023 / 14:24

Charting Europe's Crossroads: DKF Financial Information Congress Ahead

Financial Markets

Governance, Risk Management, Compliance
Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

We are excited to announce our participation in the upcoming DKF Financial Information Congress, scheduled for May 9th in the vibrant city of Munich. This event promises a deep dive into the pivotal theme of "Europe at a political and economic crossroads: What opportunities and challenges arise for the financial services sector?"

Innovative Insights – Exploring ESG

Our colleague, Stefan Weichert, will kick off the discussions as a panelist in the first session. The focus will be on exploring how innovative data services and technology are catalyzing a transformation in the financial world.

Adding to the wealth of insights, Martin Hiller will take on the role of moderator in the second panel discussion. Here, experts will delve into the ever-relevant topic of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). But that's not all; Roman Kunert will be providing enhanced insights into ESG, accompanied by valuable free data.

Unpacking the Knowledge

Our presentations have garnered significant attention, reflecting their substantive content. With the aim of extending the benefits of these insights to a broader audience, we have decided to invest further resources and prepare an entire LinkedIn series. Stay tuned and follow our FORRS LinkedIn page!

Update "Data Driven ESG Decisions" (last 13/09/2023):

  1. Advanced Insights with Free Data

  2. Tracking Sustainability

  3. Energy Charts, Global Monitoring lab, Agora

  4. Conclusion and Using GRYT

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