13.06.2022 / 08:45

Dringend: Automatisierung im Energiehandel

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The current political scenario in Europe transformed the energy transition into an irreversible process. One-sided dependency entails high risks, thus energy suppliers and companies with high energy consumption should reposition themselves.

The tremendous rise of renewables, which influenced the volatility of the energy markets, forces the energy suppliers to offer new types of services. In the new energy world, decision-makers are more focused on algo trading, data analytics and big data. Today, it is automated processes that ensure the competitiveness of energy suppliers and offer relief in energy portfolio management.

As a well-known consulting partner for energy and financial markets, FORRS has compiled lessons learned from a variety of projects and translated them to GRYT. This is a new, highly specialized platform that enables companies in the energy market to run all required processes for managing a modern portfolio efficiently.

Do you want to learn more about GRYT as a 24/7 platform in energy trading? Then read our advertorial in the current EMW issue.

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