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Podcast: ETRM Mini-Series

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FORRS in cooperation with Fidectus on Insider’s Guide To Energy

The new year is about to start with a big surprise!
Fidectus & Insider’s Guide to Energy & FORRS joined forces and produced 13 podcast episodes about ETRMs, which are going to be launched next year!

Update: All episodes are now available online:

The ETRM Mini-Series

Insider’s Guide to Energy (IGTE) podcast brings you the ETRM Mini-Series as a resource for all those interested in the latest developments and trends around Energy Trade and Risk Management (ETRM) systems.

Each vendor has their own episode to share market thoughts, specifics on their solution, and a speed round where all vendors answer the same ten questions on the fly.

The resulting ETRM Mini-Series is a powerful tool highlighting the state of ETRM today and where it is headed in 2022 and beyond.

This is the first educational miniseries IGTE has released, with more already in production.

The Hosts

Hosting a podcast on a topic with that level of professional and technical depth is not an easy task. Therefore, it needs industry experts to guide through every episode and bring the very interesting insights of our guests to the surface.

In this Educational ETRM podcast, we are happy to have two very experts as our hosts.

Chris Sass is the CRO and co-founder of Fidectus, a technologist whose passion is to discover new solutions, approaches, or businesses to leverage the emerging obstacles and chances in the whole energy industry. And of course, known from the great previous series of Insider’s Guide to Energy .

Our second host is Martin Hiller from FORRS who is an energy trading expert, especially when it comes to trading automation or ETRM systems. With his deep understanding of trading architectures and market insights, our guests will be challenged in many facets.

The Vendors

The following 15 vendors are taking part in the mini-series.



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