16.03.2021 / 14:04

Europipes I & II + BBL

Energy Markets

Pipelines and LNG

Western Europe Gas Supply (Major Pipelines)

With Groningen’s gas field to close its gates very soon and no major gas field discoveries in Europe recently, not many European gas sources are left. Right behind Russia, Europe’s second largest supplier of natural gas is Norway. In 2019, the Scandinavian country accounted for 21.3% of the EU’s natural gas imports. Large parts of the import are done via Europipe I & II.

Next to that, today’s post features one of the few bidirectional pipelines. Since July 2019, BBL is able to flow gas not only from the Netherlands to the UK but also vice versa. This is set to become more important with Groningen gradually phasing out.

Spots on for three exclusively European pipelines: Europipes I & II and BBL


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