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The weather data expert Meteomatics and the consulting firm FORRS are strengthening their cooperation agreement to help organizations in the financial investment, energy trading and commodities industries to improve informed decision making in weather- and climate-related matters. Meteomatics provides customers with a real-time data feed and unified access via easy-to-integrate APIs to a unique platform for weather and climate data.

Meteomatics and FORRS conduct joint activities, such as fundamental research on prediction models, applying data science methods where weather and climate data becomes an input, as well as integrating weather and climate data into business cases within the financial and energy sectors. “We are looking for the easiest possible access to all relevant weather and climate data for our clients, most of whom are just starting to utilize weather and climate data. Many clients, especially in the financial industry have a strong focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) data and utilizing new data sources for their investment strategies.

Meteomatics certainly offers a top product when applying especially data science methods to weather and climate data.”, says Markus Rieß, Co-founder and managing director of FORRS Partners. “Meteomatics users enjoy the best possible total cost of ownership and time to market when creating new products and services for their clients.”

Accurate, high-resolution weather prediction can help a wide variety of industries, from agriculture to aviation to urban management, to make smarter decisions. In the financial, energy and commodities industries, applications include forecasting electricity production and demand or predicting the impact of severe weather on commodities shipments. Such kind of forecasts help energy suppliers to manage portfolios much more economically, and likewise financial institutions to validate investments into renewable technologies of infrastructure.

“We’re experiencing increasing demand from more and more industries to receive accurate, ready-to-use weather and climate data to enrich their internal decision-making processes. We are very happy to strengthen our cooperation with FORRS, who is delivering projects in the financial and energy sectors,” says Dr. Martin Fengler, CEO and Founder of Meteomatics.

“In particular, climate data is becoming much more relevant for a fast-growing number of institutions and organizations who need to understand the impact on their businesses and processes in much more detail. We are committed to constantly adding capabilities to our
platform; all of our partners are playing an important role in this with their activities and feedback.”

About Meteomatics

The Meteomatics platform provides access to a complete universe of weather and climate data, as well as comprehensive forecasting data from numerous partners. Meteomatics delivers highly accurate hyperlocal weather data in an easy to implement API, allowing many more organizations to access and benefit from a tremendous wealth of information.


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