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European Power Spot Exchanges (Part 7)

Update 18.04.2022

The Greek power exchange HEnEx as part of @EnExGroup can look at two major achieved accomplishments in 2021:

📢 The Bulgarian Market is now integrated via the Greek border into the #SDAC since May 11th 2021.

🎈 On June 18th 2021 the Hellenic Energy Exchange Group (EnEx) celebrated its 3-year anniversary.

📢 On September 22nd 2021 the Complementary Regional Intraday Auctions (CRIDAs) between Greece-Italy-Slovenia were implemented successfully.

And there is more to be expected in 2022:

📢 The Slovakian and Greek borders will join the #SIDC.

📢 Greece is scheduled to enter into Europe’s cross-border intraday XBID continuous market through coupling with Italy and Bulgaria.


HEnEX the Greek power exchange as part of the EnExGroup is taking its next step towards an European integrated trading landscape. On 11th May 2021 the Single Day-Ahead Coupling (SDAC) is extended by the Bulgarian border. Just recently in December 2020 they integrated SDAC towards Italy.

The Greek NEMO is also aiming for a participation in European continuous intraday trading in Q4 2021.


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