03.03.2021 / 09:00

Nord Stream I & II

Energy Markets

Pipelines and LNG

Western Europe Gas Supply: Major Pipelines

The European market for natural gas is going through a phase of strong changes. Especially the supply setup is facing major challenges in the years ahead. Shrinking production within Europe on the one hand, increasing LNG importance induces global competition and continuously high dry gas imports on the other hand support Europe’s dependency on external gas supply. With the ongoing discussion around Nord Stream 2, Europe’s gas supply shifts into the centre of interest. Also, current fundamental data raises the importance of stable European gas supply. Having started winter season 2020/2021 at a 5-year high, current gas storage levels are at their 3-year low.

Enough reasons to have a look at the current setup of the main natural gas supply of Western Europe. In a series of five posts, we shed a light on the current and planned main gas pipelines. We start this series with very prominent pipelines, Nord Stream I & II.


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