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European Power Spot Exchanges (Part 8)

Update 25.04.2022

The Slovenian NEMO and power exchange @BSP Southpool can look back on a successful year 2021:

📈 Combined Trading Volume of day-ahead and intraday trading has reached an new all-time high with 9.6 TWh electricity traded in 2021.

🚀 In September the third wave go-live of the Single intraday coupling was conducted. In this wave, Italy was integraded into the #SIDC with its three northern borders between France, Austria and Slovenia. The cross-border capacity between Slovenia and Italy is now allocated via continuous trading through SIDC and three complementary regional implicit auctions (CRIDA).

Take a closer look at our factsheet to find out more about the Slovenian Power Exchange!

Stay tuned for the next factsheet where we will cover an exchange which is located geograpically in the vicinity of Southpool.


BSP Southpool, the Slovenian NEMO and power exchange is part of the European Single Day-Ahead Coupling already since 2015.

Since it has joined the Single Intraday Coupling in 2019 the volumes on the Intraday market are increasing, peaking at 1.5 TWh in 2020.

They further aim to integrate the Northern Italian border to Slovenia into the already coupled intraday region by the 21st September 2021.


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