25.11.2021 / 09:18

Balancing Energy in Europe: The Future of mFRR in Germany

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In the first part of our balancing energy series, we have presented the European platforms for harmonization of the balancing market. The changes will affect every balancing energy provider (BSP) in Germany, therefore you should make yourself familiar with the new mFRR products.

But what changes can BSPs expect as a result of the introduction of these platforms and how can they leverage them?

In this post, we start by lining out, what the future of mFRR in Germany looks like. Keep in mind, that the launch of MARI is postponed to July 2022.

On the first page of our Factsheet, we have provided an updated timeline and summarized the available bid types, before we explain the principle of linked bids and the types of linking which are offered.

The second page is about practice: We have provided one example showing the necessity of linking within the MARI platform and we provide two use cases in order to demonstrate two scenarios, one where linking is necessary to avoid unfeasible activations and one where linking is used in an optimization strategy.

As a conclusion, Balancing Service Providers must incorporate the changes resulting from the introduction of the MARI platform and the new standard products into their operations! Firstly, in order to avoid unfeasible activations and secondly to take advantage of the new opportunities which the harmonization delivers! Be sure to check out both pages and comment or reach out, in case you have any questions or want to discuss in further detail.

In case you are a BSP, make sure to register for the stakeholder workshop hosted by entso-e, following the link: https://www.entsoe.eu/events/2021/12/02/picasso-mari-stakeholder-workshop/

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