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Setting up scalable Data Ecosystems

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Stefan Weichert
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Martin Otzelberger
Managing Director
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A smart market & static data setup is more than only cost-optimized sourcing and application management. The key is a holistic view on an organization‘s requirements and an aligned strategy. FORRS knows how to build smart market & static data setups.

Our Market & Static DataAdvisory Services

  • Evaluation and benchmarking of existing market and static data systems, processes and infrastructures

  • Blueprinting of new data system components or greenfield solutions

  • Make or buy decisions, system selections, tenders, RfI/RfPs

Our Market & Static DataOptimization Services

  • Contract and license management and analysis

  • Integration of new architectural components

  • Data cleansing and quality assurance concepts

  • Derived data agreements, concepts and calculations

  • Curve and volatility surface construction and management

  • Data mining and data analytics


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