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European Power Spot Exchanges

Today we present our next guest in the series of European power exchanges: The Turkish exchange EPİAŞ

The Enerji Piyasaları İşletme A.Ş. (EPİAŞ) is among Europe’s largest power exchanges in terms of traded electricity volumes and offers participation in the Turkish day-ahead and intraday market. In contrast to most other European power exchanges with similar size, EPİAŞ is not part of SDAC and SIDC.

EPİAŞ does show considerable growth in both intraday and day-ahead volumes. Especially 2021 was a huge success as intraday traded volume grew by almost 100%

Did you know you can trade day-ahead contracts in three different currencies?

Take a closer look at our factsheet to find out more about trading hours, products, volumes and facts about EPİAŞ.

Download our factsheet get all information in one PDF here!



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