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European Power Spot Exchanges (Part 3)

Update 21.02.2022

The Energy Exchange Austria or short EXAA is the leading power exchange in Austria and the first European exchange to offer the coupled delivery of Guarantees of Origin and physical power in its Green Power Market. Alongside, it facilitates day-ahead auctions and other interesting trading opportunities such as spreads.

Among the day-ahead auctions are early classic day-ahead auctions for Germany and Austria as well as the possibility to take part in the European coupled auction closing at 12:00 CET. In 2021, a volume of 40.6 TWh was traded in that auction.

EXAA also offers trading of the location spread between Austria and Germany and soon there is going to be the launch of the time spread between the early day-ahead and the coupled auctions.

Be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming factsheets of other major European exchanges! Next week we will have a look at an exchange located south of EXAA.


The European power market is diverse. Besides many different market participants and a huge set of tradable power products there are quite a few power exchanges spread across Europe.

The power spot procedures, tradable contracts, and volumes as well as the participation in e.g. above-mentioned initiatives show a big spread across these different European power exchanges.

The FORRS Factsheets summarize the details for a set of important European exchanges.


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