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European Power Spot Exchanges (Part 4)

Update 28.02.2022

The Italian Power Exchange Gestore dei Mercati Energetici (GME) is Europe’s third-largest Power Exchange in terms of annual Day-ahead volumes. It offers the participation in the coupled day-ahead auction, a set of intraday auctions, a market for trading daily products in continuous trading mode and a forward physical market.

Take a closer look at our recap to find out more about trading hours, products, volumes and facts about GME.

Stay tuned for our next recap in a week! Small hint: The next exchange is located in southern Europe too.


The European power market is diverse. Besides many different market participants and a huge set of tradable power products, there are quite a few power exchanges spread across Europe.

The power spot procedures, tradable contracts and volumes as well as the participation in e.g. above-mentioned initiatives show a big spread across these different European power exchanges.

The FORRS Factsheets summarize the details for a set of important European exchanges.


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