19.08.2021 / 08:15

Balancing Energy in Europe: MARI

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Last but not least there is a platform designated to harmonize manual frequency restoration reserves (mFRR) activations in Europe. It is called Manually Activated Reserves Initiative, or short MARI.

The MARI project was launched in April 2017 and the planned Go-Live at the beginning of 2022 is approaching quickly and happening in parallel to PICASSO. In several stakeholder workshops hosted by ENTSO-E the details around standard products, the process and the platform for the activation of mFRR across Europe was finalized.

Similar to PICASSO, the introduction of MARI has considerable implications for all market participants. TSOs might benefit from a more liquid market with more mFRR providers, but have to incorporate the cross-border optimization into their processes. At the same time, balancing energy providers and traders are not directly connected to the platform, but have to develop new strategies taking into consideration the many different bid types. And also the increased liquidity and international competitors can result in necessary changes of operation.

To all energy traders providing and trading balancing energy: Are you already preparing for the Go-Live of the European mFRR market? A look into the details of the standard product characteristics and the changes could make you a front runner!


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