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Thank you for meeting with us at E-world 2022!

Energy Markets

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After almost 30 months passed, we were pretty excited to finally be back at the energy industry's biggest event, E-world 2022 in Essen. We have to say that after such a long break, we were really longing to be back out there with our customers, partners, newcomers and industry greats and get their take on the current state of affairs in the energy industry.

E-world is always the place to be and to find out what the future of the energy industry holds. While visitor numbers may have been a little lower than in previous years, as the photos below show, we were quite busy. It was also a matter of quality over quantity, with many longer, in-depth discussions. We made quite a few new contacts that we welcomed to our booth, but we also saw many familiar faces and, naturally, had the chance to do some personal catching-up.

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As you can imagine, we were also burning to finally discuss current industry topics, so speaking to such a huge number of people at E-world, we had two main takeaways. First of all, as climate experts agree, the energy transition must proceed at a rapid pace. Government and corporate timetables to meet climate goals are accelerating. This is driving the need for green energy, PPAs and certificates, as well as the regulatory, business and technical infrastructure to support them.

Second, it’s clear that energy markets are becoming increasingly technology- and data-driven. Those who embrace this reality will be the most successful companies in this new era of trading. E-world 2022 had a lot of software, data and service providers, which confirms the high level of complexity that is involved with optimization processes in today’s trading landscape. To be able to compete in the energy market, you must have a proper ETRM/CTRM system in place, combined with scalable data ecosystems. To really stay ahead of the market, however, you also need to create quantitative market models and to implement state-of-the-art algo-trading. But doing all that will not be enough. Having proper governance, risk management and compliance systems in place is a prerequisite, if you want your business to succeed in the long run.

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This is why, as a complement to our consulting services, we have been glad to be able to present the tools we've been working on with our GRYT platform. EXE.QT provides the infrastructure you need to develop and execute quantitative algorithms to drive the most profitable trading decisions. We also were glad to talk to you about market data management with MDM.DATA, a data architecture that allows you to leverage the value of consistent and fast-available time series data and an efficient way of automating activities on energy markets. We hope that we were able to answer all your questions regarding these products, which are designed to overcome the challenges of this strange new world of energy trading.

Of course, we’re happy to talk to anyone who wasn’t able to visit us this year at E-world. Most of all, however, we thank everyone, from long-time customers to new faces, who took the time to share their questions, concerns and goals with us. We’re already looking forward to E-world 2023 next May.

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