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The recent turmoils in the global financial markets led to a major changes in regulatory requirements with the aim to recognise risks earlier, to back them with appropriate equity capital and to form corresponding provisions in the balance sheets. FORRS helps to analyse and implement new regulations, audit and accounting rules.

Our Finance & AccountingAdvisory Services

  • IFRS 9 accounting standard

  • Impairment process based on credit risk models

  • Migration from IAS 39 to IFRS 9 and restatement

  • Complex hedge accounting strategies

  • "Local" GAAPs, including HGB, UGB, CH GAAP, FR GAAP, US GAAP

  • Evaluation of ESG ratings, credit risk models on ESG

  • Fund accounting: Security and real-estate funds

  • Fund consolidation

  • Fund controlling

  • Fund taxation

  • Alternative investments: infrastructure, loans, private equity


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