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Power Spot Exchanges (Updates 2023/Q4 and 2024/Q1)

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Keeping up with the fast-paced changes in our constantly evolving world, particularly in the energy sector, can be challenging. However, we are committed to distilling this information and identifying key events in the energy industry to make it more accessible to our network. Let's focus on the last quarter of 2023 and the first quarter of this year:

Update 2023 – Q4

  • SIDC Update: Successful testing of 15-minute MTU capacity allocation on Croatia-Slovenia and Croatia-Hungary borders enhances continuous trading through SIDC.

  • EEX: EEX Group sees a 73% increase in total trading volume across global power markets for December, with European Power Spot Markets up by 25%. Also, EEX expands French Guarantees of Origin Register.

  • Great Britain Updates: 2023 marks Britain's cleanest year for electricity production, with a 22% decrease in power sector emissions and a significant drop in wholesale electricity prices.

  • ENTSO-E: Ukrainian TSO, Ukrenergo, joins ENTSO-E, while Continental European TSOs complete synchronization projects and increase export capacity to Ukraine.

  • German TSOs Updates: Grid fees in Germany double, leading to a significant increase in transmission system fees for 2024 due to the absence of government subsidies.

  • HUPX: Successful completion of projects TRINITY & FARCROSS strengthens cross-border capacities in South-Eastern Europe, promoting integration and renewable energy uptake.

  • EMD Reform: EU agrees to reform the European electricity market, focusing on CfDs and capacity mechanisms to boost investment in renewables.

  • Single Legal Entity (SLE): Concerns raised about the proposed SLE in the European Electricity Market Design reform, particularly regarding the Market Coupling Operator function.

Outlook 2024 – Q1

EPEX Spot: Nordic Flow-based Market Coupling Go-Live rescheduled for October 2024. European EPEX Power Spot Market witnesses an 18% year-on-year growth, driven by Intraday markets.

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