Industrials & Energy-Intensive Sectors

Energy procurement optimization as strategic success factor

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New Frontiers in Energy Trading Architectures
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Energy-intensive industries play a significant role in our economy, the basic materials for infrastructure, buildings, machinery, and consumer goods. But they are also responsible for a vast share of energy and resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. FORRS helps to optimize the energy procurement strategies and the carbon footprint of these companies.

Our Advisory Servicesfor Industrials 

  • Analysis of energy-intensive production processes regarding the opportunities to optimize the energy and commodity procurement strategy and processes

  • Analysis of government energy subsidy programs and support with application and implementation

  • Identification of future low-carbon process technologies and the necessary framework conditions for their successful development and implementation

  • Implementation of strategies for international and national regulatory requirements in energy-intensive sectors

  • Identification and implementation of decarbonization opportunities


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